Dramatic Sunset Overlooking Vengsøya and Lyfjord

Mike Zawadzki Photography

Lyfjord and Skulsfjord are two of the areas I spend a lot of time viewing Auroras from, but like most other locations in and around Tromsø, they also look just splendid during the day. This particular viewing spot can be a challenge to reach when the roads are icy and snowed over. In fact on this trip back in February 2016, my partners and I had to help a couple get their car unstuck and back on the road here. The small island of Vengsøya makes for a nice anchoring subject. The only thing between Vengsøya and the North Pole are miles and miles of the frigid Arctic Ocean. Being there felt like I was standing at the true edge of humanity.

Note: Simulated wall art image shows 20x30" print.

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