Goddess of the Night Sky over Skulsfjord

Mike Zawadzki

The Aurora Borealis goes by many names including "The Northern Lights" but many locals and veteran chasers refer to the Aurora as the "Goddess of the Night Sky" because of the organic flowing appearance and shape that Auroral bands/curtains can form from time to time. I have seen many different variations of flowing curtains rising into the sky, but none quite like this. We still have a lot to learn about the Aurora Borealis and other space weather, but it is no surprise to me now that ancient civilizations often saw the Aurora as some kind of otherworldly or Godly presence. This vertical image also shows just how large the Aurora is in the sky, dwarfing the small houses and sheds scattered around Skulsfjord.

Note: Simulated wall art image shows 24x36" print in a 30x42" frame.

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