Bridge View of Tromsø Harbor

Mike Zawadzki Photography

This image was made on my first trip to Tromsø back in 2014. I was walking over a pedestrian bridge with my mother to visit the famous Arctic Cathedral. The light was perfect and I felt compelled to grab a series of images that I could later stitch together as a beautiful panoramic image. Balancing contrasting warm and cool tones has always been a hallmark of my photography, and Tromsø is a gold mine for me in that regard. This is one of my favorite non-northern lights images. It shows the small, but rapidly growing city contrasted against the classic Norwegian fjord + mountains scenery.

Note: Simulated wall art image shows 14x40" framed print.

Collections: Panoramic Landscape Wall Art

Category: Landscape Photography, Panoramic, Tromsø

Type: Unknown Type

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