Auroras Dance & Hover Over Tromsø

Mike Zawadzki

Sometimes the Aurora Borealis just won't go away. As elusive as it can be sometimes, it can also be stubborn in hanging around for a long time. Not that us Aurora chasers and astronomy enthusiasts mind at all! On this particular night in February 2016, I had spent hours viewing a fantastic Aurora. Some of it was even too bright to photograph in the fashion that I typically prefer. However on the way back to the main island of Tromsø, the remnants of a geomagnetic storm lingered over the city lights, which I've learned is a pretty rare sight. They fired up a bit, but never got too bright, and blended perfectly with the city lights and bridge bellow. This has become one of my signature images that was also featured on

Note: Simulated wall art image shows 24x36" print.

Collections: The Aurora Borealis

Type: Photograph

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